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1956 F100

26. February, 2013

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  • Mileage: 43244
  • Year: 1956
  • Fuel type: Gas
  • Vin:F10V6K26421
  • Body: Truck
  • Engine: V-8
  • Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
  • Carburetor:
  • Exterior color: Brown
  • Exterior condition: Excellent
  • Interior color: Brown
  • Interior condition: Excellent
  • Number of doors: Two
  • Original Drivetrain:Yes

The predecessor of Ford’s popular F-150 pickup truck was the F-100. It represented the half-ton entry of Ford’s F-Series of full-size pickups. The 1956 version of the F-100 was part of the second generation, which was launched three years earlier. The 1956 F-100 was notable for several mechanical and cosmetic changes. In 1956, the F100 reached its finest design. Many changes were implemented that make this truck the best of the 53-56 Ford pickups
People love what the 56’ Ford F-100 is all about. It wasn’t the fastest or most powerful, but it was rugged, solid and tough. This is why many call it the “heavy hitter” of those who love the classic trucks. With a new set back front axle, it gave the truck the look as though it was hunkering down
With the custom cab option this car is fitted with 14 “luxury” accessories and a nicer trim including foam rubber seat padding, two arm rest, two sun visors and sound deadener on the floors and back panels just to name a few.
This truck is all stock except the seats, tires and wheels, right down the 14 luxury accessories. With a V-8 272 cid engine rated at 167 horse and only 43,224 original miles, this truck still has time to be broken in

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