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1968 Lincoln Continental

2. March, 2016

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  • Year: 1968
  • Fuel type: Gas
  • Body: Roadster
  • Engine: Twin Turbo Chevy 6.0l
  • Transmission: 4L80E
  • Rear End: 9" with posi
  • Exterior color: Black
  • Exterior condition: Great
  • Interior color: Black
  • Interior condition: Great
  • Number of doors: Four
  • Original Drivetrain: No

This is a 1968 Lincoln Continental sedan that’s been completely customized. The roof has been cut off, the windshield laid back, and the deck lid has been raised to give the car a more dynamic look. The front and rear bumpers have also been tucked closer to the body and the original marker lights have been removed. There are HID headlights in front and LED taillamps in the rear. The whole thing was then painted jet black with a glossy shine that looks a mile deep.

There are tubular control arms in the front and a four-link in the rear which allows the air ride suspension to get to the ground.  The car rides on a set of 3-piece, 22″ Asanti wheels and behind them are a set of 13″ disc brakes to bring this roadster to a stop.

Like the exterior, the interior of the car is done in all black. There are suede and synthetic leather seats surrounding the custom-built steel dash. The dash is filled with Dakota Digital instruments and a custom stereo. The hood and trunk are both controlled by powered actuators for hands-free operation.

The Lincoln is powered by a Chevy 6.0-liter V8 engine has been upgraded with heads, camshaft, and a twin-turbo setup with methanol injection from STS Turbo Systems. The adjustable boost controller will dial the car all the way up to 700 horsepower.

The engine is coupled to a 4L80E transmission, which directs massive amounts of power into a narrowed 9″ rear end with 3.91 gears, Detroit locker, and a set of Moser axles. It’s also got a 4 row polished aluminum radiator with dual electric fans to keep this beast running cool.

Of course, a unibody car like a Continental wasn’t built to handle 700 horsepower. The car’s chassis was reinforced with a set of custom 3×5 .250 wall square steel channels running through the floorboards for additional strength.

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