Chevrolet Master Deluxe

1936 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Town Sedan FA Series In 1936, Chevrolet, Ford and Plymouth were the major brands of the day with Ford and Chevrolet producing over 900,000 vehicles each. Despite over 2,000,000 vehicles produced, it is rare that one can be found intact. 1936 was the first year for Chevy and hydraulic brakes. Ford did not install them on their models until 1939. This model Chevy was the best-selling car in America in 1936 and Chevrolet had the second best-selling year in its history. When comparing the Master Deluxe series with the Standard series, the Master was a lot more attractive although the body styles were virtually the same. The Master featured chromed headlamp shells and hood vents which really set it off. The interiors were more plush and the Master featured a bench front seat as opposed to buckets in the Standard. This 1936 Master Deluxe was located in a remote pasture just outside of Fort Morgan Colorado. What was intriguing about this vehicle was that it was mostly complete with virtually no rust. The vin number was clean which was critical to the restoration. Even the original key was on the floorboard under the seat and under the carpet. In July of 1936, the vehicle was loaded in a car hauler and transported to Roy Utah. Chad Bangerter coordinated all of the restoration and did the majority of it himself. Engine and chrome work were outsourced. Additional parts were resourced that could not be restored included some of the chrome stripping. The original wheels were found but an additional set was resourced to include the optional wire wheels. This 1936 Chevrolet is 99% original. The paint was matched as close as possible based on the paint code. The only exception is the coating on the running boards. Original rubber inserts could not be located. The vehicle has been displayed at one car show but has been mostly garaged and the occasional Sunday joyride with grandkids and photo ops.